Sunday, May 10, 2009

Cross Stitching

At the moment I have several UFOs (unfinished objects) hanging around my house. I am working on a dragon design from the creator of the Dragon Musings blog (she creates wonderful designs, some of which she lets you download for free!) in blue for my daughter. I am also working on an embroidery of a cat in a garden called The Cat nature's beauty and I have a Tatty bear design to finish as well. (The Tatty bear came as a kit with a magazine.) I have also just ended up with some 11 kits from Spotlight (see my last post) that I would love to do and a Sorceress chart that I will have to buy the material and floss for that I really, really want to do, but it will take me ages to get it done, because it's just so detailed.

I love doing it though. I like seeing a project come together, and having something that I made to share with others. *Passes out warm fuzzies for everyone* I will have to post some photos soon...

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  1. I would love to see some photos. I havent done much in the way of needlework lately - I need a lot of light or my eyes hurt if I do too much.