Friday, February 4, 2011

First day back

and Mike left his notebook at home. *facepalm*

I asked the obligatory :"Does everybody have everything?" as we exited the front door to get to the bus.
"Yes Mum!" they chorused.
"Ok off we go then, " said I as we climbed into Gus. (Gus is our Ford Territory; it's short for Angus, because he's just a little bit fancy.) The children head over to the bus stop, with their friends, to wait for the bus. I have a quick chat to some of the other mums and then go and do the grocery shopping. As I pull up in the driveway, I get a text from Mike asking if his notebook is on the table. And it is. He says he can manage for the day without it, so we'll see how his first day back was when he gets home. Lol.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

It's good to be home...

Oh, alright, I haven't really been anywhere that would explain my looooong absence from blogging, but I like the quote. Yes, it is a quote (from ST:Enterprise). I remember silly things like that. I have the mind of a steel trap...a trivia trap!

I'm currently waiting anxioulsy to see if I have managed to join the ranks of the profitably, paid externally, employed. I saw an advertisement in a local shop window and put forward my application. I was interviewed. The sign is now no longer there, and I am waiting for the call!

School starts again tomorrow. The holidays went quite quickly! Too quickly for Mike (my son) and not quickly enough for Gabi (my daughter). :D One of Gabi's school friends rang her yesterday to find out if they were going to be in the same class! Remember when that was your biggest worry? We're all set to go here; lunchboxes are clean, bags are packed and uniforms have been tried on and found fitting.