Thursday, May 20, 2010

How time flies

when you are busy living!

We've been busy with soccer and music and running around like chickens with our heads cut off!

This last week has been really quite hectic. (Now I'll list everything and it just won't seem very busy at all! *rolls eyes*)

On Friday last week Mike and Ben went down to Melbourne with most of Mike's soccer team to see Kevin Muscat's Testimonial match. (Kevin plays for Melbourne Victory and has spent 10+ years at the club, so the club threw him a celebratory match. Nice, eh?) It was Melbourne Victory against a Come & Play XI. At the second last minute, Ben called and said I'd have to go instead of him, because work wasn't going to finish in time. Then at the last minute he called again and said he was done for the day and he could go. Where was I? Had I passed him yet?

No, thank goodness, I had not! I took my car and the kids in it to meet him and swapped out. I picked up his car and came home and had a nice quiet evening with Gab. Gab, interestingly, got hooked by the movie that was showing that night, The Lakehouse. She'd like to see how it ends, sometime. I found this quite amusing, as Gab normally isn't one for girly chick-flicks. She doesn't like all that gushy romance stuff, and hides whenever kissing scenes come on to the screen in other shows. I think it was the time shifting that caught her attention. We shall see when we get to watch it all!

Tuesdays are now looking to be quite busy. This Tuesday Gab started playing with the Junior Jazz Band at her school. Tuesdays are also soccer training days. I have to pick Gab up by 5pm from rehearsals (which are about 50kms away from home!) and Mike has to be at the soccer ground about 1km from home, by 5pm. There is no late bus for Gab to catch, which means I have to drive to get her. To get to her rehearsals by 5pm, I must leave home no later than 4.30pm. Which is also the time Mike arrives in Traralgon on the regular bus. So I must have afternoon tea ready for him and all his soccer gear out, before I go. It also means that Mike has to get himself to the grounds. Which isn't so bad, except for when notices have to go out. I'm the team manager for Mike's soccer team, so I have to prepare all the notices. *sigh*

Thursdays are also quite busy. I help out the daughter of some friends with her maths on Thursdays, from about 4.30pm until 6-ish. Mike also has soccer on this day, and Gab always has a vocab/spelling test on a Friday, which means revision on Thursday. Just a bit busy on a Thursday...

I know that it doesn't sound that busy when it's all written down like this; but when I'm in the middle of it, it's just go, go, GO!

GTG now. Stuff to do!