Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Another long absence from the blog

And for no good reason. I am just downright lazy when it comes to getting my act together to blog to you. I don't think it's because I'm boring (although I probably am!); I just don't tell you about my boringness.

Life is not quite so boring at the moment though. Mike is away on a bushwalk; Gabi is going to Melbourne on Friday for a Young Leaders Day (being run through the school); Ben is rehearsing to be part of a choir (they're performing some of Handel's Messiah) and we have a house guest! One of our cousins, Nicole, is staying with us for a few days while she does some nursing coursework at Monash Uni in Churchill. And I'm back to looking for that highly elusive, externally paid employment. :P Other than that, it's pretty run of the mill, regular life here.

Catch y'all again later. Maybe I might do some crafty stuff and blog about that... :)