Friday, July 30, 2010

I must confess... several things. Number one is that I'm jolly slack when it comes to updates.

Number two is that I have more photos of stuff I've made to upload, but again, I've been jolly slack about it.

And number three is perhaps the most embarrassing. I'm a Rick Astley fan. Again. I was one in my youth, when he was big in the '80s and here I am, nearly wetting my knickers over his new single, Lights Out. I adored his Cry for Help and Sleeping (okay so that one's much more recent and I may never have stopped being a fan!) and this new one is great. You should check it out. Really. One of the best things about the '80s is back and I'm a fan, and I don't care how naff it is. :P is where you'll find Lights Out.


  1. I just bought it on iTunes. *blushes*

  2. Thats embarrassing :)
    The photos you mentioned would be great, though. I'm about to put up some from our trip to Port Macquarie.