Monday, June 22, 2009

I've seen it!

I did go and see the new Star Trek movie and I loved it! I thought it was fantastic. It was different to the book in some aspects (ie the Admiral Archer's dog incident) but it was very enjoyable.

*Spoiler Alert* just in case I tell you stuff about it you didn't already know...and *Geek/Nerd Alert* because I'm probably going to discuss the whole AU-ness (alternate universe-ness) of the movie.

I really enjoyed the opening sequence of the movie where you met George Kirk. In fact, I almost think that Chris Hemsworth (who plays George) should nearly have been James T Kirk. He is (IMHO) better looking than Chris Pine (who was James). Anyway, that part of the movie was really well done. (It was very definitely AU, as George and Winona Kirk were potato farmers in Idaho in the Shatner Kirkverse. )

My favourite character in the whole movie was...Scotty. He was funny and I just enjoyed his whole situation; punished by being sent to the middle of nowhere for being too smart. I also really liked Dr McCoy. Ben thought that he was almost more Bones than the original. Karl Urban really nailed it. At least he still had the same reason for going into Starfleet as in the original universe, as we found out when he meets Kirk for the first time. (The dialogue in the movie novelisation was much wittier for this scene than in the movie.)

It was a surprise to see Real Spock (Leonard Nimoy) in this universe, but it worked well in the plot development. A nice touch, and I think that this picture at the top sums it all up, tongue-in-cheek... (thanks to for the caption!)
All in all I loved this movie and I would see it again and own it on DVD. (If only for the entertainment value of irritating my husband...*smirk*)


  1. According to the movie the universe was only supposed to spin off from the traditional one when the romulans arrived - but by that time Kirk's father was in Starfleet, so I guess it spun off earlier than that.

    It was an epic movie - and is definatly in the running for the best movie of the year in my books (Terminator and Transformers were both great too though).

  2. Not really my thing, but when you buy the DVD, may we borrow it so that the members of the next generation within our household can understand where the term "Spock" comes from?

  3. Lol - That would be a good idea. Educate your 'spoks'.