Saturday, July 11, 2009

I have seen them!

I like boots. Especially knee high boots. For as long as I can remember they have been my favourite footwear.

What does this have to do with the topic? I hear you ask.

Well, I can tell you exactly when my love of knee high boots started. It was the first time I saw Han Solo's boots in Episode IV. I love those boots. I want those boots. I'll never get them, but I have seen them now. On Friday we went to Melbourne to see the Star Wars exhibition at the Scienceworks museum (which is awesome, btw) and the boots were part of the exhibit. *sigh* I have a photo of the boots, and a photo of the whole Han Solo costume, which I shall post soon. But I saw them, and they were beautiful. *sigh*. I still want those boots...


  1. A fan of Corellian Fashion.

    You've got to feel sorry for Chewie though - hardly anyone went "I soo want that bandolier".

  2. I know which boots you meant. You have been searching for years. Maybe someone will sell a pair on ebay one day.

  3. Rofl @ Rob. Yep, wookiee fashion is just so hard to pull off successfully.

    I only want the real ones, Joolz, and I doubt Mister Lucas is going to sell them. Ever.