Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I am very happy that Robert & Emma (some cousins who were travelling overseas) have made it safely back to our shores. Rob sent a text, asking if we had been burnt out, but no we haven't. (And I am so thankful, see previous post!) Following their blogs it appears that they have had a wonderful trip and will have much to tell us over the coming weeks. I am looking forward to seeing photos of all of Rob's souvenirs. (His uncle Ben will probably roll his eyes oevr the toys, but hey! that's Rob's collecting thing.) I am also looking forward to finding out what Emma brought home, other than photos and Rob. We heard so much about Rob's purchases, but not a whole lot about Em's. Gotta go and organise my dragon cross stitch patterns now! TTFN.


  1. If you guys came down while Matthew and Liz are here, we could organise a family gettogether and view Rob and Em's loot first hand.

  2. I brought home lots - although not quite as much as Rob did.

    Unfortunately, I have not managed to bring back a nice handsome Irish man. But I'm blaming that on the fact that we didn't go to Ireland : )

  3. Are you coming north to catch up with Matt and Liz or are they coming to you. Can't fit anymore sleepers in but could manage to feed you all