Wednesday, March 25, 2009


is an interesting occupation. I have recently signed up with an office labour hire firm in Traralgon and have had two temping jobs since. They were both babysitting jobs, i.e. go in, sit in the office all day and mind the phones and the walk ins, leave messages for the appropriate people and go home again. The second temp job was incredibly boring. There were virtually no phone calls to answer (and I don't count the boss calling to check in as a real phone call) so for the second day of that job, I actually took work that Ben needed to get done with me and did that. I am hoping that this sort of work might lead to a part time position somewhere, but at least it will look good on my resume. I have been applying for jobs in the area, but I guess it's an employers' market at the moment...

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  1. Yes it certainly is an employers market. *Sigh*

    Hope we both find the perfect job soon :)