Monday, March 2, 2009

So proud...

I would just like to say that I am proud of my children, usually just because they are mine. Yesterday, however, I was able to experience that feeling because of my daughter. Gabi has been asking for sometime now if we could arrange a playdate with one of her friends from the school bus, Sarah. Well yesterday, Sarah's mum called and asked if we could possibly go over that afternoon for the playdate. We didn't have any other really, really pressing plans, so I said yep, we could drop in for Gabi and Sarah to spend some time together, no problems. Now all I've ever known about Sarah is her name and that she travels on the bus with Gabi. That's it. That's all that Gabi has ever told me. We arrived at Sarah's house and Sarah was just out riding her pony (a lovely white pony) called Toy. When Sarah arrived, I discovered that she has Down Syndrome. All at once I was so proud of my little girl because it hadn't mattered to her at all. Yep, my Gabi had made friends with Sarah because she liked her and she wanted to go and play with her and have Sarah at our house and that was that. I love moments like that. I must be doing something right after all.